Your dreams are nestled on the horizon of your heart. Have the courage to capture them.



His Love

She hurts when it ends too soon.
   The tears are allowed to break free of their prison and flow silently down her perfect cheeks, as she waits for some miracle for a response.
  Deathly shadows extend along the walls stretching their fingers ever closer to her person. At this point, she welcomes them; bids the demonic forces to take her from this realm into the next.
    Skin suddenly presses to her back unexpectedly. An arm encompasses her body.
    The Shadows begin to retreat.
She is reminded of their love, and is no longer afraid.


Broken Dream (a re-write to change is in the air)

I felt so sure I knew my calling,

I felt so sure I knew my way


I lost myself in confidence

-hardly held the breath of day

-hardly stood a chance

Now what reflection do I see?


Did I ever really see me?

A lie creeps in the cornered room

A game of pretend plays in front

 Hope of what was never meant to be


It has been difficult,

Should I take the adventure and,

Give up?

-or keep trying to do what I love

-or do I really love what I do

Only tears descend my cheeks


There are different paths to choose,

I will just tuck away my dreams, perhaps

Find something new

You are my Prince

I never believed in fairy tales or dreams come true,

And wishing on a star is only something fools do.

Knowing that ever becoming a princess was a far away wish,

That no man could treat me as good as my daddy did.

But now…

 Turning over a new leaf

Your deep blue eyes make my knees go weak.

My body, so protected in your arms

I know that there’s nothing that could do me harm.

My soul takes flight when I am with you,

With a heart drumming to a beat that’s new

You have created a kingdom in which you are my prince

And I have been a Princess  ever since.

I cherish your love

And trust your hugs

I have truly have fallen and will never get back up. . .