Proverbial Light

It began as a gentle vibration like fingers drumming over and over again on a wooden desk. The sensation grew stronger and more powerful every second, threatening to steal what little clarity that once aided the mind. Shouting  in the distance helped keep him away from the light. But it was beautiful, the light: coaxing, smiling, laughing. But there was something more, something sinister, pulling at the tides: ripping, coiling, snaking. Inward it went. The Yin to the Yang. Good and Evil shared the space of this web of what one could call the afterlife.

No. He thought. I don’t want it. Not even the good. Hell reigned on Earth and he was most positive that it reigned in the afterlife.

I’m not ready to die! He screamed, but his words sounded farther away than where he currently thought his existence to be!


“We have a heartbeat!”

A colossal wave pounded into him.


“Come on Jeremy! Fight!”

The proverbial light began to slip deeper into the aether while the darkness hung about ready to snatch what little life was left dusting the walls of nothingness.

“Well done everyone. Well done! Welcome back Jeremy,”

Blurred images burned his eyes and then were shut out to a psychedelic dance.


The Midnight Bison

By: Sean Perez and Cortney Palm

The shimmering skies are gazing,

through the branches of the White Bark Pine.

The Bison stands awake grazing,

as the cool breeze gently blows with love,

the Bison kisses the air and looks above.

The stars slowly wander,

and the Bison is lost in ponder.

Some fall their way to glory,

as the Bison falls in love with

the world’s story.