The goddess weeps today for she knew not the consequences of her actions. Failing to control her impulsiveness. Everything she believed has been shattered. Her mind, once clear, is now encumbered, by the cold touch of decay.

Moments of clarity creep in, but they’re just temporary visitors that only confuse her more. She is left wondering what truly is real. The sadness and sorrows of the world haunt her very being. She asks herself why she is too weak to fix them.

Where has her power gone?

Her heart has broken into tiny fragmented pieces that cut her as she desperately tries to put them back together.

Silently she sits and waits for the answers that will never come.

The goddess knows only love can cure the most foul of things… self-love, universal love…

ONE love….

She ponders life against a backdrop of Selene and her shining sisters.

Who are we?

What be the purpose to life, to consciousness, to being? Is it love? Love is the greatest of all things. A simple, yet complex concept.

Love can build or destroy.

She yearns to have it build: a brighter future for all. Yet still she neglects herself her true reason for being. The Bane’s darkness begins to fill her soul, stretching fingers of black ilk throughout her body as she trembles, too afraid or weak to push them back.

The outcome seems dire. She knows she must radiate her light and allow it to conquer the demons of the dark. But the Bane’s hold is persistent. She is trapped; keeping the darkness at bay, but only just.

The struggle is immense and threatens even her soul. Desperate, she holds on, but for how long, she doesn’t know.


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