How Lucifer got Banned from Heaven

Lucifercomic strip written and (unfortunately) illustrated by ME! haha


Broken Dream (a re-write to change is in the air)

I felt so sure I knew my calling,

I felt so sure I knew my way


I lost myself in confidence

-hardly held the breath of day

-hardly stood a chance

Now what reflection do I see?


Did I ever really see me?

A lie creeps in the cornered room

A game of pretend plays in front

 Hope of what was never meant to be


It has been difficult,

Should I take the adventure and,

Give up?

-or keep trying to do what I love

-or do I really love what I do

Only tears descend my cheeks


There are different paths to choose,

I will just tuck away my dreams, perhaps

Find something new

You are my Prince

I never believed in fairy tales or dreams come true,

And wishing on a star is only something fools do.

Knowing that ever becoming a princess was a far away wish,

That no man could treat me as good as my daddy did.

But now…

 Turning over a new leaf

Your deep blue eyes make my knees go weak.

My body, so protected in your arms

I know that there’s nothing that could do me harm.

My soul takes flight when I am with you,

With a heart drumming to a beat that’s new

You have created a kingdom in which you are my prince

And I have been a Princess  ever since.

I cherish your love

And trust your hugs

I have truly have fallen and will never get back up. . .