My version of those cosmo stories Cosmo After Dark ;)

(Most of everything on this blog has been written a while ago.. I have recently found everything and am now posting it! I wrote this in High School after I read the steamy stories in Cosmo Magazine. I thought “gross” but I could do that! so I did! Clearly this is fiction)

Knock knock!

The sound of the brass door knocker beat against Sky’s front door. She scrambled over the rest of her clothes that she shoved into her wardrobe. The door beat again. As she threw the rest of her misplaced belongings under her bed, “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Sky yelled.

She had been expecting a friend’s arrival. She quickly lit a few candles, tore off her robe and flew down her flight of stairs to come upon only the most desirable man she could ever lay eyes on.

“I’ve been waiting patiently,” the man said in a deep mysterious way. He looked Sky up and down, his eyes undressing her black lingerie piece by piece. Sky moved toward the  man locked within his dark eyes and without even looking away she slid her hand down his pants to slightly brush his crotch.  A playful tease. The man stepped into her apartment and closed the door behind him as he moved in to graze her lips. His excitement now too near for neglect.

Sky began to unbutton his jeans glad to see that this time he had gone commando. She let him keep on his trench coat and only his coat. she examined his body from his pectoral muscles  to his erect penis. Sky eagerly pushed the man to the wall beside the door desperate to taste him. She feverishly descended down to her knees to take the whole package into her mouth. The man moaned with increasing desire for her as his enjoyment grew into ejaculation. Sky took it all in pleased to know her job was well done.

Still, the two ached for more. They passionately fled the entryway up to the bedroom. The man still aroused smelled the candles and smiled. He looked at Sky and wanted to know what she looked like under her sexy attire. She motioned for him to take off his coat and lie on the silks resting on the floor. The man lying on the fabrics stared up at Sky as she threw her sheer black bra at his penis, giving him a reason to touch himself as he continued to watch. Sky was responsive and tossed her matching crotch-less panties at his feet. Now it was her turn to receive the touch of a man’s appetite. She straddled her legs and slid down. She opened herself so he could see all of her, while giving him open invitation to slide his tongue in so he could kiss her. Sky let out a cry of joy and came so voluntarily into his mouth. She rolled back and turned on to her knees allowing for the man to gain entry.

Sky stretched out her body and let him grasp her breasts while inserting himself inside of her. Thrusting to the motion of her body, the man pulled back and in one fluid motion turned Sky to sit on top of him in full frontal position. Sky gasped and was amazed at how good he had gotten, yet she still had one more place to explore. Sky brought the man into her bathroom to an aroma-filled, steaming shower. She placed herself against the tiled wall beside the running water. Eager for love making the man entered the cave between her thighs and embraced her forcefully, stimulating her clitoris. Both kissing and moving their bodies as one reaching climax.

Their breathing began to slow, and the kissing became gentle, the flow of the water created an allusion of absence from the world as the two caressed each others body. Satisfied, they retreated back to the bedroom.

The man followed the woman to bed. The art had been completed. Both trembling with sexual bliss.

The night was well lived….


One thought on “My version of those cosmo stories Cosmo After Dark ;)

  1. Chuck says:

    It’s not fiction, it’s the best that the wonderful world of nature has to offer.

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